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My current artistic journey revolves around the profound exploration of energy, a concept deeply rooted in the ancient Chinese metaphysical traditions. These age-old beliefs shed light on the intricate interconnectedness of our universe, offering fascinating insights into our existence.

Incorporating the wisdom of Chinese metaphysics, my work delves into the holistic study of energy. I am committed to using art as a conduit to investigate the cosmic connection that binds our universe, planets, stars, and the human race – an integral part of this grand tapestry.

Within this relentless pursuit, I've embarked on a multidisciplinary adventure, employing painting, sculpture, and digital art to bring the portrait of Energy to life. Beginning with sculpture, I sought to capture the essence of energy in tangible form, drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese principles. Ultimately, I uncovered a framework to attribute these facets, enabling me to continue my exploration of how energy intersects with and enlivens our world. It weaves itself into the fabric of existence, communicating, creating, and connecting the universe with all its constituents. Each place, unique and enthralling, becomes a portrait of the space it inhabits.

My ultimate objective is to grasp how we, as humans, can attain a profound awareness of this omnipresent energy and share this understanding to foster social consciousness. By doing so, we shed light on how this phenomenon can directly or indirectly shape our lives. This quest is inspired by the timeless wisdom of Chinese metaphysics, offering real and profound insights into the energies that shape our world.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1995, Cloe Galasso was raised in an artistic household, igniting her passion for visual and corporeal expressions.


At 21, she earned an MDes from the University of Palermo. Self-taught, she delved into various disciplines, from ceramics to photography, sculpture, and contemporary art, determined to challenge gender disparities in the art world. In 2020, the pandemic led her to discover oil painting, which soon became her preferred medium.


In 2021, she held her first solo exhibition in Buenos Aires, followed by mentorships in New York with renowned artists Maurizio Pellegrin, Kathryn Cameron, Eric Michelson and Taka Maruno. She also participated in various  pop-up exhibitions. Later in the same year, she completed an artistic residency in Southampton, NY, with Eugenio Cuttica.


In 2022, she showcased her work in solo exhibitions in Buenos Aires and New York and participated in group shows in Brooklyn and NYC. Her art was featured internationally, in Milan at Galleria Antonio Battaglia and London: The Art Pavilion of the High End.


In 2023, her journey continued as she held a solo exhibition at the Consulate of Argentina in New York City in the frame of the international woman’s month. She also participated in various group exhibitions in esteemed galleries like Galeria Azur New York, One Art Space (organized by UP Magazine), MM Art Gallery in Southampton, NY, and more. Cloe's artistic repertoire expanded with her first sculptural solo exhibition in Dumbo, Brooklyn. In September, she had the honor of representing Argentina at the Hispanic Heritage Exhibition hosted by Nahualli Art Gallery in the World Trade Center. That same month, her work was portrayed at Galeria Azur Madrid, marking another significant step in her artistic career.

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